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Popular IVF Ultrasound Imaging Systems
Acuson NX2
  • Lightweight Compact Design
  • Exquisite Image Quality
  • Largest in Class 21.5" Monitor
  • Measure up to 15 Follicles per side
  • Cost Reductions using Legacy Transducers (from X150, X300, G20 & G40)
  • Summary Page Reporting Package
  • Excellent aid for Egg retrieval when Freezing
  • Siemens Service
  • Enhanced Features on NX3 model
Siemens has been a market leader in the Worldwide ultrasound market for many years. It has led the way with sophisticated yet simple to use sytems. The new NX systems continue this tradition. Up to 15 follicles can be measured per side and they can be done as single or multiple measurements per follicle or even by areas or volume. If you have older Legacy Siemens transducers from products like the X150, X300, G20 & G40 they may be transferred to these new NX systems, which gives you the better image quality without having to to buy new probes. As always Siemens backs the systems with excellent support warranties and low cost extended warranties. Large flat screen monitors make viewing the scans a pleasure.
Acuson P500
Acuson P500 laptop Acuson P500 on cart
Adaptable hand carried system engineered for point of care imaging to serve a wide range of environments and patient types. Delivers sophisticated technologies to insure unprecendated image quality, durability and smart workflow in a compact notebook format. Touch screen user interface and 30 second boot up time. Battery option for up to 60 Minutes of scan time. Heavy duty adjustable cart available with height adjustability and multiple probe options.
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