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Our goal is to bring the Highest Quality Ultrasound Systems
to Pregnancy Centers at the lowest possible price.
As the Knights of Columbus say in their Ultrasound Program Guidebook. "There are at least a dozen major manufacturer of ultrasound machines, each with different models. As each pregnancy center has different client needs, the determination of what type of ultrasound machine it should purchase is left to the center's staff and medical director." Let us help you find a system that meets your needs.
Console Systems
Siemens ACUSON NX2
Unsurpassed image quality from a value-performance system utilizing the largest monitor in class 21.5". Vast array of clinical applications with measurements and reports. Up to four probe ports available. Loaded with standard features with available options and probes to meet your every need. Supported by Siemens service personel for maximum uptime and economic service.
Mindray DC-40
Inovative high performance technology in an elegant compact design. Adjustable keyboard and monitor in an economical package. 4 Tranducer ports for phased, Convex, Linear and Endocavity transducers. Touch Screen control panel and calculation packages for multiple applications. Loaded with features such as PW and Color with Speckle reduction, Harmonics and Coumpounding and is upgradeable to 4D.
Mindray DC-70
The DC-70 takes image quality and ease if use up a notch. Still includes adjustable keyboard and 21.5 in monitor and loaded with standard features. Multiple transducers available to meet your every need. 4D is still an available option. Color and PW doppler on all imaging tranwducers. Networking, HDMI, VGA, Svideo and audio outputs.
Affordable Portables Mindray MX7 Mindray Z60
Mindray MX7
Another laptop style portable system that is small and portable with customizable touchscreen control panel. Mindray makes systems that are easy to use and intuitive. Just because it is small does not mean that it is light on features. B, M, CFM PW and Triplex. 15" screen and optional adjustable cart.
Mindray Z60
Lunchbox style portable system with 2 probe ports so you do not have to switch transducers. 15" tilt LCD display. Again Mindray does not scrimp on features and is easy to use. This is full featured with Color and PW Doppler including Harmonics, speckle, compound imaging and more. 4D imaging is an option.
Adaptable hand carried system engineered for point of care imaging to serve a wide range of environments and patient types. Delivers sophisticated technologies to ensure unprecedented image quality, durability and smart workflow in a compact notebook format. Touch screen user interface and 30 second boot up time. Battery option for up to 60 Minutes of scan time. Heavy duty adjustable cart available with height adjustability and multiple probe options. Screen is touch screen for ease of use
DHG realizes that you need ultrasound supplies after you become Medical. That is why we have teamed up with NIFLA to provide low cost supplies to Pregnancy centers. Please visit the NIFLA website or click here to download the NIFLA/DHG supplies order form. CLICK HERE FOR SUPPLIES

Please contact us if we can be any help to you at 800 669-3442 or by email at

DHG can also find used systems if you have a certain product and brand you want. Please contact us.

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