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You can now order many Supply items on-line using our Associate Site Printers, Paper, Gel, Gel Warmers, Biopsy Guides, Cleaning items, Probe Covers and even Dopplers. Click on logo or link above to go to DHG Specialties. Credit Cards and Paypal Accepted
Video Printer Paper

Sony UPP-110 HG—10 rolls per box
Sony UPP-110 HD—10 rolls per box
Sony UPP-110 HA —10 rolls per box
Mitsubishi-K65HM (Blue)–4 rolls per box
Mitsubishi-K65H (Black) –4 rolls per box
Mitsubishi-K91HG (Black gloss)–4 rolls per box
Generic High Density Paper—5 rolls per box

Color Paper*

Other Thermal Paper

Chart Paper 5 cm wide with 4cm grid case of 60 rolls for Hokanson TL400, MD35, CW1A EC5R

Chart Paper 5cm wide with 4cm grid box of 3 rolls for Hokanson TL400, MD35,CW1A EC5R

Chart paper 5 cm wide plain paper for Hokanson MD6R and MD6VR
Video Printers

Sony UP-X898MD
Mitsubishi P-93W
Mitsubishi P-95DW
Color printers*
Used printers*
Exam Room Items

Paper Products
Table Paper

Gel Warmers

Ideal Gel Warmer—Single bottle

Thermasonic Gel Warmer—3 bottles
Ultrasound Gel

Several Brands and styles
.25 liter bottles—12 bottles per box
One Liter bottles- 6 bottles per box
5 Liter dispenser—1 per box
Sterile Gel Packs
Probe Covers

Endocavity Probe Covers —100 per bag
Eclipse latex free Probe Covers—100 per box
Sterile and Standard
Non-Latex and Latex
Fitted for Probe Style
Lots of Choices
Ultrasound Cleaning Supplies

Protex 12 oz bottles—12 bottles per box
Biopsy Guide Cleaning brushes—5 per box

Cuff Inflation Devices

TD312 Calculating Cuff Inflator 
Aneroid Sphygmomanometer (manual)
Vascular Cuffs

Straight Segmental Cuffs

SC5 Tourniquet Cuff  (size 6 x 83cm.)
TMC7 Transmetatarsal Cuff  (size 7.5 x 40cm.)
SC10  (size 11x85cm.)
SC12  (size 13x85cm.)
SC12L long  (size 13 x 124cm.)

Contoured Cuffs
CC17  (size 18 x 108cm.)
CC22  (size 24 x 122.5cm.)

Digit and Penile Cuffs
UDC1.6  (size 1.6 x 9cm.)
UDC1.9  (size 1.9 x 9cm.)
UDC2.5  (size 2.5 x 9cm.)
UPC 2.5  (size 2.5 x 12cm.)
UPC 3.3  (size 3.3 x 12cm.)

DP2.0  (size 2.1 x 12.1cm.)
DP2.5  (size 3.3 x 12.1cm.)

Biopsy Guides

Disposable TV Needle Guide for Shimadzu TV11R
Reusable TV Needle Guide for Shimadzu TV11R
Disposable TR Needle Guide  for Shimadzu UB10R
Reusable Linear Needle Guide For Shimadzu L040

For all Manufacturers and Systems
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