Color Ultrasound Imaging
The NX3 is the next generation mid-range cart product in the Siemens Acuson line. Built from the ground up with a newly designed image processing architecture and a stunning new lightweight and compact design, It delivers exquisite image quality on the largest monitor in its class. Workflow efficiencies using a new tactile and touch user interface. The NX3 is simple yet powerful. The result is an intuitive and smart ultrasound system. Designed to promote your highest level of performance with consistant, accurate results. The elite version includes adjustable height and swivel keyboard for user comfort. Wide range of study types and application measurements available to meet your needs.
Unsurpassed image quality from a value-performance system utilizing the largest monitor in class 21.5". Vast array of clinical applications with measurements and reports. Up to four probe ports available. Loaded with standard features with available options and probes to meet your every need. Supported by Siemens service personel for maximum uptime and economic service.
Acuson NX3
Acuson NX2
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Acuson P500 laptop
Acuson P500 on cart ACUSON P500 FROSK
Adaptable hand carried system engineered for point of care imaging to serve a wide range of environments and patient tyhpes. Delivers sophisticated technologies to ensure unprcendated image quality, durability and smart workflow in a compact notebook format. Touch screen user interface and 30 second boot up time. Battery option for up to 60 Minutes of scan time. Heavy duty adjustable cart available with height adjustability and multiple probe options.
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Affordable Portables
Mindray MX7
A laptop style portable system that is small and portable. Mindray makes systems that are easy to use and intuitive. Just because it is small does not mean that light on features. B, M, CFM PW and Tri[lex with Harmonics speckle reduction and compound imaging. 15" screen and optional adjustable cart.
SIUI 2100 & 2300
SIUI newest models. Lunchbox style portable system loaded with features such as harmonics, compound imaging, speckle reduction and more. Features 2 probe ports so you do not have to change transducers every time you need a different view. 15" screen with adjustable angle. Color and PW Doppler make this a versitile system. Upgradeable to 4D with full featured 4D software. 2300 uses pinless transducers.
SIUI Apogee 1000
Laptop style with pinless transducers. Full featured with good image quality. 15" screen that can be adjusted sideways and up and down. B, M, Color and PW Doppler with triplex. Can add multi-probe connector with optional cart.
Mindray Z60
Lunchbox style portable system with 2 probe ports so you do not have to switch. 15" tilt LCD display. Again Mindray does not scrimp on features and is easy to use. This is full featured with Color and PW Doppler including Harmonics, speckle, compound imaging and more. 4D imaging is an option.
SIUI Apogee 1200 EDAN U50
The Edan U50 is a portable ultrasound system of superior value and versatility. All of the latest digital technology has been incorporated in the small, easyto use system. The image quality is surprisingly good and is optimized to meet the needs of both existing and emerging markets. The U50 includes Directional Power Doppler, Color Doppler Imaging and Pulsed Wave Doppler. A gray scale version, called the DUS 60, look virtually the same but does not include the Color and Power Doppler capabilities.
This portable system in the lunchbox style features a 15" display, 2 probe ports, Color, Power and PW Doppler, Harmonics, Speckle Reduction, 2 USB ports, RJ45 network port and HDMI video output. Options include Dicom, compound imaging, elastography, Wifi and 4D. Quality image, loaded with features and room to grow with options. Assorted probes for many applications.
* means works in progress
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Black and White Ultrasound Imaging
SIUI CTS-8800+
Portable ultrasound systems featuring PW Doppler, broadband multi-frequency transducers, 2 probe connections, hard drive, USB ports, backlit keyboard and 12 or 15 inch monitors. High end features like Speckle reduction, Harmonics and IMT are also included. This compact system has a foldaway keyboard and built in handle for easy portability. Software packages for calculations and reports are included for Abdomen, OB/GYN, Cardiology, Urology and Small parts. They can include Color & Power Doppler, Compound imaging, Panoramic imaging and DICOM. Real time 4D is also an option on the 8800+.
SIUI CTS-5500+
These compact B&W systems feature a foldaway backlit keyboard and built in handle for portability with 10 inch monitor. 2 probe ports, Hard Drive, USB port and software packages make this an economical yet effective system.
SIUI CTS-900 Neo
A laptop-design B&W ultrasound imaging system, which integrates the latest digital imaging technology. Though compact in dimensions, it produces excellent images with powerful functions. This system offers complete Image and Report management through storage media such as Thermal Printer, USB Disk, Hard Disk and DICOM. Professional Software Packages include, OB, GYN, Urology and General Abdominal. We have found it especially useful for BLADDER VOLUME measurement and documentation. This system is durable, reliable and affordable.
Affordable Portables for experienced users. Click here for a way to buy at a lower cost.
Used Ultrasound Imaging Systems
MYLAB 25 Gold
A multi-purpose ultrasound system from Esaote (used to be Biosound) that delivers console performance in a portable system that weighs less than 20 pounds. The MyLab includes a host of features including multi-frequency probes that go up to 18 Mhz, color and directional power Doppler, but its best feature is image quality. Xview (noise reduction), Mview (compund imaging), Harmonics, Steering and Trapezoidal view all contribute to the image quality. It also includes digital management for storage of images or clips which can be transfered to a network, DVD/CD or USB devices. A large 15 inch flat screen completes the package. Options like Panoramic view, 4D, DICOM and battery power insure this product can handle all applications.
This compact console ultrasound system provides full service ultrasound imaging without compromise. The high quality imaging and high end features along with a complete assortment of transducer choices make it a workhorse system. Ease of use is standard across the MyLab platform with features such as Xview, Harmonics, MyLab Desk information management, Multiview, comparison mode, and archival choices can be enhanced with optional items such as 4D, IMT, Panoramic scanning, Dicom and more to fill any users needs. High sensitivity color and Doppler are displayed on its 19 inch LCD monitor increasing user comfort and reducing eyestrain. The MyLab 20+ is without Color or PW Doppler.
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This portable system can be configured to meet most any specialty needs at a economical price. Like its brother the MyLab 25 it weighs less than 20 lbs and can have all the same image enhancement features. We recommend getting the Xview and Mview for optimal image quality. It uses all the same multi-freqency transducers as the other MyLab systems including the LA435 which goes up to 18 MHz. Color and Power and Spectral Doppler can be added to this system also. My Lab Desk information management software is included at no charge with all systems.
The Acuson X150 manufactured by Siemens, one of the world leaders in medical imaging systems. The Acuson X150 delivers Top Performance, Outstanding Value and Diagnostic Scalability. The system can be purchased as a Gray Scale system which includes PW Doppler, or it can include the optional Color Doppler feature. The system is smart, intuitive and functional in any clinical environment. It excels in OBGyn, Urology, General Imaging and Small Parts. All Siemens' ultrasound systems are recognized as reliable, easy to use, high quality and an excellent value.
X150 Image Gallery *
The Acuson P300, offered by Siemens is the Complete, Portable patient care solution. It is mobile, powerful and extraordinarily versitile. Small in size, this system is big on performance. It offers excellent image quality, a full range of transducers, multiple ports and streamlined workflow, all backed by the Global Siemens Service Support. Advanced imaging technologies are part of the standard feature set. From general imaging, cardiology and OB/GYN to MSK, vascular and pain management the platform gives you the imaging detail needed to provide a superior level of care.
Logiq E Logiq F8
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Logiq P5 Logia P6 Voluson I Logiq S6
Shimadzu 450XL
The Shimadzu SDU-450 Console ultrasound and the portable SDU-350 were popular models in their day and the fact that there are still some out there prove the reliability. We still have some available for parts and service.
Shimadzu 350XK\L
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