Currently Available Used Systems
Used systems can offer your practice the information you need at a very reasonable price. Not everybody needs all the latest features and options. Sometimes you have a system that meets your needs for diagnostic information but does not have all the latest buttons and whistles. Remember we can get most brands and models. If you want something in particular just let us know. These are only the systems we have in our possession at this time. Demos are available in Mid-Atlantic states.
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Esaote MyLab 20+ Console System, B&W, Networkable, USB & CD Drive, Easy Image Transfer $9,500
Shimdzu SDU 350 XL Portable System, B&W, Cart, Multiple Probes and Applications 1Probe $2000 2Probes $2500
Shimadzu SDU 450 XL Console System, B&W, Multiple Probes and Application Available 3 Systems 2 Probes $3,000
Shimadzu SDU 1100 Console System, CFM, Power, PW, Harmonics, CD Multi-Frequency $3,500
Siemens P300 Portable System, CFM, Power, PW, Harmonics, Cart, Demonstration System, Some Cosmetic Imperfections Due to Shippping and Travel to meetings, $17,000
SIUI CTS 5500 Portable system 2 Probes $3,500
SIUI Apogee 5300 Console System Demo System Never used in Practice CFM, Power, PW, 4D capable, Price dependant on # of Probes
Toshiba SSA340A Eccocee Console System, CFM, PW, 2 Probes $4,500
Toshiba Just Vision 400 Small Console, B&W 2 Probes $2500
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