Vascular Products
The CVS4 Complete Vascular System gives you computerized peripheral vascular exam capabilities in an all inclusive simple to use package. The system combines bi-directional Doppler, photo plethysmography, pneumo plethysmography and automatic cuff inflation with a user friendly Windows® based software. Tracking of patients history over multiple visits and the ability to store and review Doppler sounds is included in every system. Flat panel monitor and color printer for clear concise reports are part of the package all at an extremely attractive price. The MD6 system is our most compact vascular system. The four components include MD 6 Bidirectional Doppler, MD6VR chart recorder, MD6RP photo plethysmograph and MD6PN pneumo plethysmograph. You can mix and match the components to develop a system to meet all your vascular testing needs. The system uses rechargable NiCad batteries and is loaded with features such as directional LED's to show Doppler flow direction and control switches right on the Doppler probe. The chart recorder features easy to use push button controls for gain sensitivity, chart speed and run start/stop. Optional OR Doppler allows for easy removal of Doppler probe for sterilization. Case available for easy transportation and storage. MD6
NIVP3 Software is what powers the PC in the CVS4. NIVP3 connects to many Hokanson instruments including the MD35 Vascular Lab, EC5R Plethysmograph, EC6 Plethysmograph and the TD312 calculating Cuff Inflator. The software and computer become an extension of your diagnostic instrument enhancing the power of both.  Patient reports are comprehensive, complete with Doppler and plethysmographic waveforms, patient demographics and tabular data.  The software is Windows® based and captures and prints your studies.  The software can be used to track a vascular patients changes over time. Mobile services use this software with a laptop, MD35, TD312, MV10 and cuffs to make a portable vascular lab.
The UW7 is a simple stand-alone Doppler for OR use. It features small size, ease of use, LED's to indicate flow direction, probe on/off control and detachable probe with long cord for easy sterilization. The system is powered with rechargeable NiCad batteries
MD35 Procord The MD 35 Procord incorporates two plethysmographs (photo and pneumo) and bi-directional Doppler with a strip chart recorder into a small desktop system. Complete all the standard vascular studies both arterial and venous with this easy to use system. Comes with basic set of cuffs, manometer and training materials. Features include 10 calibrated gain settings, AC (arterial) or DC (venous) settings, two speed chart recorder, easy load chart recorder and convenient controls on the Doppler housing. This system can be used with or without NIVP software.
The E20 & AG101 Rapid cuff inflator can inflate any cuff in less than 0.3 seconds.  It is used in conjunction with a duplex scanner in measuring reflux and in measuring blood pressures. Preset a desired cuff pressure and push a button to inflate or deflate. A large digital readout displays the pressure. Optional cycle timer, 3 second timer, or footswitch can make your task easier. The E20 requires a source of compressed air and the perfect companion is the AG101 which can inflate a large contoured thigh cuff every 12 seconds. E20 AG101 Rapid Cuff Inflator
E20 & AG101 Combination
TD312 Handheld Cuff Inflator The TD312 is a handheld cuff inflator for segmental blood pressure measurements.  Just move the thumbwheel forward to inflate and backward to deflate.  The TD312 can remember and recall up to 12 pressures and also calculate ratios such as Ankle Brachial indexes.  The TD 312 uses rechargeable batteries which last for 350 inflations and can be used with NIVP software to automatically transfer a pressure to the software package.
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VersaLab PAD System The VersaLab from Nicolet lets you perform basic vascular testing, including screening for peripheral artery disease (PAD). This bi-directional Doppler has a built-in printer that provides fast, complete and accurate documentation for reimbursement. The portable Doppler system comes in two models. Simple waveform traces on the VersaLab LE indicate the peak or mean blood flow profile. The VersaLab SE with spectral analysis displays more comprehensive information about all components of the blood flow to quickly delineate venous from arterial flow, and more accurately indicate conditions such as turbulence. The VersaLab is available with 4 or 8 MHz, continuous wave Doppler transducers. The system comes complete with a tilt-stand that allows for wall mounting or desktop use and is battery or line operated for the ultimate in portability and convenience.
Transcranial Doppler Products
Multigon (TOC) Transcranial Doppler on Call systems are th newest models available from Multigon. This system features traditional TCD displays but also can do Multiple Gate Displays, M-mode Display, Monitoring and Trending, Emboli detection, Spectral playback from M-mode, Audio storage and a Reporting Package. Available in a single channel or dual channel configuration to meet your needs. Other features include automatic calculations, user defined protocols, archiving, soft key operation, customizable Microsoft ® Word reports, and options such as headband, moitoring probes, CW probes, review station and DICOM compatibility make this a do everything system at a reasonable price. The Multigon 500P is a full featured TCD System that fits in your hand or Lab coat pocket. This battery operated system can store on a flashcard or connect directly to a PC using the USB port. You can store spectral and sound information, then archive to any media available on your PC. Other features include long term monitoring with emboli detection and counting. Complete reports can be printed from your PC and a headband is available. The economics and mobility of this system make it perfect for the hospital, lab, office, emergency room, operating room or an offsite location such as a nursing home. Diagnostic studies such as the new PFO (Patient Foramen Ovale) and traditional TCD studies can be done.
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