Veterinary Ultrasound Imaging
The 800V is a hand held ultrasound system primarily used for large animal fertility studies. The system features a 7 inch screen with adjustable view, is waterproof and weighs less than 2 pounds. It has both 2D (Bmode) and M mode capabilities, Measurement package and 4 hour battery life.
SIUI CTS-5500 or CTS-7700 or CTS-8800
Thees portable B&W ultrasound systems featuring broadband multi-frequency transducers, 2 probe connections, hard drive, USB ports, backlit foldaway keyboard and handle. Screen sizes of 10, 12 and 15 inch to meet your needs. The 7700 and 8800 include PW Doppler and can add Colorflow. Other high end features like speckle reduction and harmonics included on 7700 and 8800 which compounding, panoramic, wifi and battery available as options. The 8800 can even add 4D. Software packages for calculations and reports are included.
Small and large animal applications in this portable B&W system with 12 inch screen. System includes PW Doppler, Harmonic Imaging and Speckle Reduction in a 20 pound package. Measurement and software package, 504 MB image storage and USB ports. A battery is available
Apogee 1200V
The Apogee 1200 is a high end Color Doppler system loaded with features such as Power Doppler, PW Doppler, Trapeziodal Imaging, Panoramic View, Speckle Reduction, and Harmonics for image quality. 15 inch screen and 2 active probe ports are standard. Handle for portablility and weighs only 24 pounds. Optional battery is available.
This high quality yet affordable system from one of the market leaders can do it all. The X150 provides superior 2D and Doppler imaging with its intuitively simple, yet powerful user interface. This system uses the same transducers with Hanafy lens technology as their top end systems. 15 inch flat panel on articulating arm make it easy to position. Features such as Phase inversion Tissue harmonics, Multibeam formation technology, TGO Tissue Grayscale Optimization and trapeziodal imaging insure this system is state of the art. Additonal features available such as Real time 3D and 3rd probe port to meet your needs and applications.
The U-50 is a full featured Color Flow Ultrasound system. It includes Power and PW Doppler, Harmonic Imaging, Speckle Reduction and measurement packages. 2 active probe ports, 2 USB ports, 504 MB image storage, 256 frame cine, VGA output and other high end features. It weighs just about 21 pounds so is easily portable. Optional battery and Hard Drive available.
Used Ultrasound Imaging Systems
Diagnostic Health Group offers discounts on demo systems as well as takes units in on trade for new systems.  We often have used systems available for sale and also have contacts with other used dealers so let us know what you are looking for so we can be of service to you.
Ultrasound Specialists

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